Our objective


1.To enable the reduction of outbreak of violence and conflict in the United Kingdom and around the world by providing parties with information which may help them to understand their situations and assist them in making informed choices about the best possible means of resolving their differences”

    2.To give students studying "Violence, Conflict and Development' and those studying similar subjects, the opportunity to present their views, share ideas on this subject and to identify ways in which these issues could be contained.
    3.To give those affected by violence and conflict an alternative perspective in respect to possible causes of their misfortune
    4.To give students the opportunity to present their findings to government representatives of various countries or organisations such as the UN, who are keen and interested in solving these issues.
    5.To bring together professionals such as lecturers, professors and other qualified members in order to share their theories and look at ways of containing violence and conflict to reduce the impact on areas of development.
    6.To increase the awareness of those without educational background in 'Violence, Conflict and Development'.

To achieve its aims and objectives, Network of Doves (NOD) will work with experts in the area of 'Violence, Conflict or other relevant discipline to run seminars and workshops around the world. Those seminars and workshops would be run by students - preferably, those that have achieved either a distinction or a merit in their essays - in :
    Religious institutions
    Other charities that work with victims of violence conflict
    Open public spaces

In return for the students’ participation, students delivering the seminars/workshops would be paid for public speaking. In addition, other reasonable expense such as transport and accommodation would be met

Any assistance towards filling those positions and making Network of Doves a reality would be highly appreciated. Those interested could contact me by email daranijo_t@yahoo.co.uk